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Lucy Slaps Kaisha On Live TV (Video)

This year’s BBNaija reunion show has brought about so many controversies and drama where housemates disrespect and attacks each other on the show.

In the latest edition of the reality show, Lucy clashed with Kaisha. This comes after Kaisha disclosed that Ka3na disrespected her mother when she requested to take a picture with her. According to Kaisha, Ka3na asked her mother to walk to her to take a photo with her if she wanted to.

This misunderstanding turned into a heated argument where Kaisha lost her cool and threw a pillow at Lucy. Lucy on the other hand did not take things lightly as she returned it with a slap. The fight was intended that the organisers of the show cut some part of the video but, in the aftermath of the fight, Lucy was seen walking away from the show with her wig off her head.

Watch the video below;

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