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Meet the Lady Whose ‘Nyash’ Is Causing Confusion At The Moment

It appears the ‘reign’ of Tik Tok star, Hajia Bintu as arguably the most curvaceous natural women in Ghana is almost over as photos of her friend, Abena Cilla surfaces online.

She is described by netizens as the advanced version of Hajia Bintu has released stunning photos of herself that shows her huge curves.

From the photos of Abena Cilla seen online, one can state authoritatively that her nyash and curves are slightly bigger than that of our very own Hajia Bintu that is causing all the confusion online.

Even though little is known about her, Abena Cilla has a massive social media following just like Hajia Bintu, who on social media is known to show her big booty to fans/followers.

Abena Cilla is a Fashion Model, Brand Influencer, Video vixen and a content creator. She has over 225K followers only on Instagram.

Below are some photos of Abena Cilla




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