You don’t deserve A Bride Price If You Are 21 And Your Breast Have Fallen

Controversial Ghanaian clergyman, Prophet Kofi Oduro has swept Ghanaians off their feet as he reveals the amount of money every man should pay as pride price to parents whose daughter has fallen breast at age 21.

According to the leader and founder of Alabaster International Minister, ladies with fallen breasts at age 21 should be given two hundred cedis as their bride prices because that is what they are worth.

He revealed that he will not utter a word if a who lady still has fresh breast receives generator, acre of land or any other valuable things as a bride.

Prophet Kofi Oduro made this disclosure to his church members, adding that no parent should demand huge money, an acre of land or even a generator if their daughter’s breast is fallen.

Watch him speak below,

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